Did You Know?/Quick Tips

The most frequently asked questions regarding eStores orders that are received in the Stores Service Center are:

Q1: How do I find the list of current eStores suppliers?
• All eStores suppliers are listed in the Contract Book located on Purchasing’s website You can view contract book information differently by clicking on the tabs with the following titles:
o Category
o Alphabetically Listing (Supplier Name)
o Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)
o OSU Internal Suppliers
o Project Green Suppliers
o eStores Suppliers
Click on the "eStores Suppliers" tab to see the current list of eStores suppliers. For quick hard-copy reference, you may print the list contained here to post in your area.

Q2: How do I find a MBE/EDGE supplier?
• You may follow the steps listed above to navigate to Purchasing’s Contract Book and click on the MBE tab to view contracted minority suppliers or you can click on the "Find an MBE/EDGE supplier" buttons located on the MBE/EDGE website (http://mbe-edge.osu.edu/), to find all certified MBE/EDGE suppliers with the State of Ohio.

Q3: How do I order the new Office Supply Catalog?
• These hard-copy catalogs are available through eRequest. They are free of charge.

For answers to additional questions, please contact the Stores Service Center at 2-2694.