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Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid Nitrogen is available through the OSU Stores Gas Cylinder Warehouse. Liquid Nitrogen can be ordered using an online PeopleSoft requisition or, if approved by your Department Fiscal Officer, as a Standing Order.
Online requisitions must be approved at the department level no later than 3:00 pm for delivery the next business day.
Liquid Nitrogen Standing Orders
The following procedure must be followed for all standing orders for liquid nitrogen.

  • Departments must submit an approved Stores Service Agreement to the Director of Stores and Receiving.
    - The service agreement must include delivery requirements (i.e. Deliver 20 liters every Monday, Wednesday, Friday).
    - Any cancellations must be made by 1:30 pm the business day prior to shipment.
    - Additions to the quantity stated in the Service Agreement require an approved Service Agreement Release form.

  • Stores assigns an agreement number and places the request on a standing order delivery form.
  • Liquid Nitrogen is delivered as requested and will include a delivery receipt.
  • Standing orders are billed at the end of each month to include total amount delivery for the month. The billing will reference the service agreement number.
  • Departments can reconcile the purchases by using the Inventory Billing Report and the delivery receipts.
    Liquid Nitrogen Service Agreement