• Guide to Assist Disruptive or Distressed Individuals (Revised)

    The “Guide to Assist Disruptive or Distressed Individuals” has been recently revised. An online, downloadable version is posted at:

    It was developed by Ohio State’s Counseling and Consultation Service and Employee Assistance Program to help you assist anyone in the university community experiencing distress or causing a disruption.

  • Disposable Dining Supplies Now Available in 100 Count Packages

    Plastic cutlery, paper plates, cups and napkins are now available in eStores in small package quantities. The 100 count packages are perfect for keeping a modest break room stocked for everyday use. OSU Stores has recently added these options to their on-campus inventory to allow for quick delivery. View the Disposable Dining Supplies (PDF) for more information about product details, item numbers, and quantities.

  • Stores Serves Distribution Role for New Janitorial Contacts

    In an effort to obtain better pricing for janitorial supplies, OSU Purchasing recently awarded contracts to 4 different vendors representing 5 major janitorial supply categories: trash can liners, soaps and sanitizers, tools, paper products and cleaning chemicals/solutions. The process included weekly meetings by a committee comprised of representatives from different management groups throughout the University. After an exhaustive process that lasted nearly a year, contracts were awarded to suppliers, and it was determined that using OSU Stores as the distributor was the best option for the University—both financially and logistically.

    Stores, Receiving and Mail services combine to process and deliver over 500,000 items to the University community annually. By utilizing this efficient, well-managed infrastructure to process and deliver to an ever expanding customer base, Stores is able to keep costs low and make deliveries within 1 business day in most cases. Using the existing fleet of Stores, Receiving and Mail vehicles—operated by staff familiar with the geography and cultures of The Ohio State University campus—reduces truck traffic on campus and eliminates the presence of non-OSU delivery personnel in University buildings, offices, and labs.

  • Stores and FOD Partner In JCIP Efforts

    For nearly two years, OSU Stores and Facilities Operations and Development (FOD) have instituted a pilot and now permanent janitorial supply delivery program. The Janitorial Closet Inventory Program (JCIP) is operating in over 80 FOD buildings on main campus. Initially FOD was searching for a way to streamline their ordering processes and create standardization of the products used by the housekeeping crews throughout campus. Both those goals have been accomplished, and the program is realizing an average cost savings of 10% in zones using the service. This combined with new lower pricing provided by the recent janitorial contracts gives FOD cost reductions going forward and the ability to reallocate labor hours within their organization.

    The program has allowed staff from both to areas to develop lasting, professional relationships that serve the University as a whole going forward. Interested in piloting this program in your area? Stores encourages any area with janitorial/house-keeping responsibilities to contact our management team for information about the program.

    Questions about JCIP? Contact: David Mcdonald, Manager • (614) 688-8651