Freight Terms for eStores Suppliers

Most suppliers in eStores do not charge for freight, but there are some exceptions. In other cases, a flat freight charge may be applied or a supplier may only charge freight on particular items such as heavy appliances or equipment.

See the list below for those eStores suppliers who may charge freight, in accordance with their current contract. Any supplier not listed below should not charge freight on orders placed through eStores.

Abcam: Standard shipping charge is $41. However, this can vary if special shipping is required, i.e. Dry ice shipping is $60. Shipping will only be charged once per order and not on each item.

Bio Express: freight charges are allowed for special shipping for dry ice. Please add a line to the po via a change order.

Bio-Rad Laboratories: a delivery charge will be added to orders that do not originate via the Molecular Biology Supply Center. Freight is based on weight and is a minimum $45.00 charge. The following charges are package specific and may not apply to all orders: Blue/Dry Ice $20.00 per order, hazardous fees $35.00, and overnight/rush delivery $44.00.

Interior Supply: a flat $45.00 Delivery fee will be charged for for any location NOT on the Main Columbus Campus. A catalog line has been made available to pay this fee. Please add the delivery fee line to any order not coming to the main Columbus Campus.

Life Technologies: a flat $19.95 handling fee will be charged to orders that do not originate via the stockroom. The following charges may also apply: Dry ice $17.50 and hazardous charges $23.00.

McMaster Carr: freight charges are allowed.

Adriatico's Pizza: $6.00 minimum for delivery. Delivery charge added to the order of 10% up to a maximum of $40.00

City Barbeque: $35.00 delivery charge; free delivery for orders of $300.00 or more

Donato's: $2.60 delivery fee

Panera: a delivery charge will be added to orders below $50.00.

Roosters: $25.00 delivery charge for orders of $150.00 or more

Subway: No delivery fee for orders over $50; Orders under $50 will have a $9.50 delivery charge

The Lunch Company: Minimum order for delivery is $100.00; $15.00 delivery charge

Two Caterers: $125 Minimum order requirements for delivery, $15 delivery fee

Z Cucina: Delivery fee $15

Qiagen: a handling fee of $25.00 per order will be added to orders. Freight varies based on weight, packing dimensions, service level, carrier, and customer location for orders that do not originate via the stockroom. The following charges may also apply: Dry ice $20.00 per order and HAZMAT $26.00 per order.

Roche Diagnostics: has reduced the freight charge on orders placed through eStores from $34 to $20 effective Wednesday, February 19th, 2014.

School Specialty: Shipping may apply to orders below $49.00.

Sigma Aldrich: A flat $10.00 freight charge on all orders and 50% discount off dry ice and hazardous material charges.