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Hardware & Client Computing:

The Ohio State University follows the State of Ohio Platform Standards for Client Computing Hardware (”ITS-PLF-01”) as published by the Ohio Department of Administrative Services. You can find these specifications here:

In addition, our computer hardware vendors, including CDWG and Connect, provide hardware from Dell, HP, and Lenovo that meet these standards. You can locate these via the Supplier Websites in eStores.


Adobe Agreement

Microsoft Agreement

Centrally-licensed and Site License Software

The Site License Advisory Team provides leadership and advice regarding our decisions to license software or update our license with current vendors

eStores Recent Updates

February 1, 2018
Lowe’s for Pros supplier website joins eStores

Lowe’s Home Improvement and eStores will introduce the Lowe’s for Pros supplier website on Thursday, February 1st. The existing hosted catalog for appliances will be removed from eStores at the close of business on Wednesday, January 31st. The new catalog will include a broad selection of products available in the retail stores at contract discounts ranging from 7-20%.

Available product categories include:

Concrete and masonry supplies
Decorative items
Floor mats
Indoor furniture
Landscaping and gardening supplies
Storage containers

Product Restrictions: Some products such as tools, lighting, plumbing supplies, janitorial supplies and hardware are restricted from the catalog because they are available in eStores through other contracted suppliers such as Grainger, Loeb Electric and Ferguson.

Central Receiving delivery for most orders: Columbus campus staff should have most orders from Lowe’s delivered to Central Receiving with the exception of doors, windows and lumber. Those items should be delivered directly to the customer location. Concrete, masonry supplies and mulch can be delivered to Central Receiving on pallets.

The store locations listed below are set up specifically to receive orders through the catalog. Customers will have the option to pick up catalog orders in the store if necessary.

OSU Main Campus
2345 Silver Drive
Columbus OH 43211
Store #1175
(614) 447-2851

OSU Lima Campus
2411 North Eastown Rd
Lima, OH 45807
Store #0255
(419) 331-3598

Mansfield Campus
940 N. Lexington-Springmill Road
Mansfield, OH 44906
Store #0264
(419) 747-1920

Marion campus
1840 Marion Mt. Gilead Road
Marion OH 43302
Store #1091
(740) 389-9737

Newark campus
888 Hebron Rd.
Heath, OH 43056
Store #0708
(740) 522-0003

OSU Extension Office—Ashtabula County
Lowe's Home Centers, LLC
2416 Dillon Drive
Ashtabula, Ohio
Store #1519
(440) 998-6555

OSU Wooster campus (OARDC)
3788 Burbank Rd.
Wooster OH 44691
Store #1696
(330) 287-2261

No discount on PCard purchases:
The OSU contract with Lowe’s does not extend contract pricing to purchases made in the retail stores. OSU customers should make purchases through the eStores supplier website to receive the contract discounts.

Purchasing contacts for questions related to the Lowe’s contract or catalog in eStores:

Sherry Huegel, Commodity Manager
OSU Purchasing

Christine Cihon
Manager, Supplier Management and eProcurement

January 29, 2018
eStores Catalog Updates:

B&H Photo New Quote Link:

B&H has added a new quote link feature to their Supplier Website catalog in eStores. Users will receive an email notification when their quote is ready for pick-up. The link may be found under the Order/Quote lookup link under Customer Service on B&H’s landing page.

Some products such as toner cartridges, security systems, and audiovisual equipment and supplies have been restricted from this catalog. Any quotes that include restricted product will fail at check-out.

A user guide showing the landing page of the catalog and the quote lookup page may be accessed via our eStores website under User Guides: B&H Quote Link User Guide

Lowe’s Home Improvement Supplier Website Coming Soon

By Thursday, February 1, Lowe’s Home Improvement catalog (in supplier website format) will be available in eStores with offerings that include: appliances, gardening supplies, lumber, paint and more featuring 7-20% contract discounts.

Hosted Catalog Updates:

Proflow has removed one of their three hosted catalogs from eStroes. Proflow Drain was removed early January 2018. Hosted catalogs Proflow Plumbing and Proflow Backflow remain active.

All three Contractor’s Choice hosted catalogs were removed from eStores due to contract expiration.
JC Ehrlich underwent a name change. Their new name is Rentokil.

Questar Solutions purchased Dayton Industrial Drum. Dayton Industrial Drum’s hosted catalog was removed from eStores and merged into Questar’s hosted catalog.

December 18, 2017

The following are two quick eStores Hosted Catalog updates.

Ameripride Linen will be removed from eStores as of Friday, December 22.

Hertz Equipment Rental has undergone a name change, they are now Herc Rentals.

November 17, 2017
New University Wide Contract – Drop-Off Catering Services:

A new University wide contract, Drop-off Catering services, was awarded to 30 suppliers to expand the options and types of food available in eStores to include American, Deli, Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean, Asian, etc. (see complete list attached.

The suppliers vetted for catering services including:

• Quality of Food
• Delivery & Presentation
• Sanitation
• Price, discounts, and payment terms
• Contract Compliance
• Risk Management
• No delivery minimum
• No deposit required
• No tip required
• Ability to provide Coca-Cola products


1. Contact the caterer’s account representative to discuss needs and availability.
2. Receive the final agreed upon quote from the supplier (including the University discounts).
3. Create the eRequest using the eStores single Drop-off catering services line to place the order.

Attach quote to eRequest. Quote number and other references should be included in the “Business Purpose” section of the eRequest. Sending an order without prior contact with the supplier may result in an undelivered order if the supplier has prior commitments on the same day/time.

When using these contracted suppliers through eStores, you will NOT need to send their catering contracts to Purchasing for signature and contract review: all these contracted suppliers have agreed to our OSU Master Service Agreement.


The contract details will be on the Purchasing website in December, but all contracts are effective immediately and all of the caterers are already in eStores.

For questions regarding placing your order through eStores, contact a member of the eStores team at 614-292-2694 (

For additional information regarding these contracts, please contact Liz Otto, Strategic Buyer at 292-9953 ( or Alejandra Meechan, Senior Commodity Manager at 688-3565 (

Please cascade to your colleagues as appropriate.

Thank you in advance for your continuous support and commitment to the University.

October 22, 2017
Latest eStores Hosted Catalogs

Newly added eStores hosted catalogs are available from Stat Lab and Taylor & Sons Mowers.

Stat Lab provides histology, cytology and immunohistochemistry diagnostic supplies. A contract book page for Stat Lab is coming soon.

Taylor & Sons Mowers provides Exmark Equipment Only. View the Taylor & Sons Mowers Contract book

October 10, 2017
EDI Supplier Invoicing as of October 2017

The following is the current list of suppliers capable of EDI Invoicing:

EDI Suppliers

October 09, 2017
Orders for Aramark Refreshment Services Must Ship to Customer Location.

Several recent orders placed through eStores to Aramark Refreshment Services have included the Central Receiving department building code in the ship-to field. Since Aramark is required to deliver directly to customer locations, the default building code for the Central Receiving building (381) should always be changed to the customer location on orders placed through the eStores catalog.

Contact the eStores Team at or 614-292-2694 with questions about this requirement.


O’Neil Tents has moved from My Quote to an online hosted catalog.
Hershey’s has been removed from eStores as the contract has expired.

October 4, 2017
B&H will be closed in observance of Succos from 1PM today and reopening on Monday, the 16th of October.

September 11, 2017
Supplier Websites: Johnstone Supply and Loeb Electric

The supplier website from Johnstone Supply is now available in eStores. The catalog includes a complete selection of HVAC equipment and supplies at OSU contract pricing. Quotes can be retrieved from the "Find Quote" link at the top of the catalog landing page. Johnstone Punchout User Guide will provide users with order entry tips, information on how to save product lists for future reference and help with how to pick up quotes prepared by the Account Manager.

Loeb Electric has also provided a full supplier website to replace their former hosted catalog in eStores. Along with a comprehensive product selection to match the new OSU contract, this supplier website includes a quote pick-up feature called "Open Bids" located under the My Account menu on the landing page. Users can also save wish lists on the site for future reference and share copies of quotes via email. The hosted catalog from Loeb Electric has been removed from eStores. Loeb-Punchout-User-Guide provides guidance on the "Open Bids" process.

Please contact the eStores Team at with any questions about the new catalogs from Loeb Electric and Johnstone Supply.

Newly Available Hosted Catalogs

Newly available hosted catalogs to share:

AAble Rents: tent rentals
BBJ Rentals: specialty linens
Posh Events: event staging
Real Zeal: temporary staffing for dining and catering services

Please contact the eStores Team at with any questions about these hosted catalogs.

August 28, 2017

Processing for Magnetic Springs annual office water orders by service centers

Annual office water service purchase orders issued to Magnetic Springs must be dispatched by service centers via the “Requisition” method instead of being pushed to PeopleSoft. The requisition method allows the service center the opportunity to add Term PO comments to the requisition so they are visible on the purchase order to the supplier.

Additionally, some orders placed through eStores to Magnetic Springs and Aramark have included the Central Receiving department building code in the ship to field. These suppliers are required to deliver directly to customer locations, so the default building code for Central Receiving building (381) should always be changed to the customer location on these orders.

All Purchase Orders to Magnetic Springs for annual office water service must include the information listed below. For additional guidance, see the linked sample PO to Magnetic Springs which shows al required information.

• Either a Regular hot and cold bottled water cooler/dispenser (with 5 gallon bottles)
• As an alternative, order a floor or countertop filtration unit (this is a lease for the entire fiscal year)
• Estimated Annual Usage--either bottle usage or lease price per month x 12
• Estimated cup usage
• Contact name and phone at location
• Delivery frequency (number or bottles/cups needed either every 2 or 4 weeks)
• Complete delivery location INCLUDING Room Number--this should be in the ship to field, replacing the default ship to code of 381 with the appropriate code for the customer location
• Complete contact information (name and phone number) of contact at the actual location of the dispenser/filtration unit

Important notes:

If you need additional quantities of 5 gallon jugs or cups, you will need to request a change order to your Master FY18 Purchase Order.

Refer to the Contract pages for both Aramark and Magnetic Springs for more details on these suppliers and their eStores catalog offering.

New Catalog Format for eStores Catering Equipment Rental Suppliers

The new Ohio State Catering Rental contract was recently awarded by OSU Purchasing. To simplify the ordering process through eStores, Purchasing and the eStores team have revised the catalog format for each of the awarded suppliers to a single line with the description as follows:

Event equipment rental including chairs, tables, specialty linens, tents, delivery, set-up, tear down and any other charges related to the specified event in compliance with the OSU contract.
This format is similar to the Full Service Catering line item currently in all of the full service catering suppliers’ eStores catalogs.

The awarded suppliers to the OSU #18-EVENTRENTALS contract include:

• AAble Rents
• All Occasions Party Rental
• BBJ Linen
• Connie Duglin Linen
• Event Source
• T-rriffic Table Lines (High Society)
• Lasting Impressions
• O Neil Tents
• Posh Event Services

Ordering procedure through the new catalogs:

End users must request a quotation from suppliers with an itemized list of equipment and tents and linens if applicable, as well as any set-up or tear down services that may apply. Quotes should include location, date and time of the event as well as contact information for both the supplier and the OSU department.

To build an order through the new catalogs, the user should enter the grand total dollar amount of the quotation in the quantity field. As the eRequest is saved and approved, it will produce a purchase order for one Job of “Event equipment rental…” at the grand total dollar amount as shown in Newslink article below. Scroll through the article to view the screenshots.

Best Practice Tip: It is recommended that users attach a copy of the supplier’s quote to the eRequest for review by the departmental approver.

Newslink article

August 14, 2017
Aramark Refreshment Services Introduces Supplier Website in eStores

Aramark Refreshment Services will introduce their supplier website in eStores on Monday, August 21, replacing the existing hosted catalog for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, coffee equipment and coffee essentials (creamers, sugars and sweeteners, cups, stirrers, etc.).

A separate hosted catalog will remain in eStores for Aramark managed coffee program (for specific campus locations only) and filtration water units (including the quarterly filter change).

Orders placed through either catalog will be dispatched electronically to Aramark and invoiced via EDI on a weekly basis. The first invoices will be received on Monday, August 28.

Questions regarding the catalog format and content should be directed to the

For more information regarding this contract, please consult our contract book pages.

July 31, 2017
In observance of T’sha B’Av, B&H Photo will close at 5PM today and reopen Wednesday, August 5th.

July 31, 2017
McMaster-Carr Leaving eStores

The Ohio State agreement with McMaster-Carr expires on Wednesday, August 30 and will not be renewed. The McMaster-Carr supplier website will be removed from eStores at the close of business on the same day. Most McMaster-Carr supplier website items are available from Grainger’s eStores catalog. Look for Grainger to add computer-aided design (CAD) capabilities in the near future.

As an end user, here are potential options going forward:
• Order products from Grainger from the eStores website.
• Order directly from McMaster-Carr outside of eStores.

DeBRA-KUEMPEL Added to eStores Hosted Catalogs

DeBRA-KUEMPEL has been added to our eStores hosted catalogs for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) maintenance, repair and equipment.

July 24, 2017
Connection's Newly Redesigned Website

Connection formerly GovConnection) is excited to announce the launch of their redesigned website, coming this month!
Upcoming changes include:
* new look and feel
* fresh site-wide and account navigation
* improved login experience
* simpler checkout flows (including quoting and approvals)
* mobile-friendly purchasing and order tracking

Preview the changes through this animated tour link.

EDI Invoicing Update

Ferguson Enterprises is now sending invoices via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Ferguson offers plumbing suppliers through their supplier website in eStores.

New to eStores: Envigo Animal Feed Supplier

Envigo is now in eStores. Their hosted catalog offers various animal feed and bedding products for research labs or veterinary clinics. Envigo delivers to campus locations on Tuesdays and Thursdays only.

July 5, 2017

The eStores team and OCIO are working diligently to convert as many vendors to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) invoicing as possible. Below is a list of the twenty-eight (28) suppliers currently utilizing EDI invoicing.

Most recently, Grainger has been added to the list of EDI Suppliers.
Other suppliers coming soon to EDI invoicing include B&H Photo, Ferguson and Magnetic Springs.

Although Applied Industrial Technologies, DS Waters, Fastenal, Progress Supply and Worly Plumbing are no longer in eStores, invoices from prior purchases will be submitted via EDI.

Applied Industrial Technologies (vendor ID 0000028499)
Cardinal Health (vendor ID 0000010228)
CCBCC Operations LLC (vendor ID 0000588822)
Cintas Corp 318 (vendor ID 0000094239)
CDW-G (vendor ID 0000024633)
Coca-Cola Refreshments (vendor ID 0000014325)
Dell Computer (vendor ID 0000014025)
DS Services of America (vendor ID 0000245847)
Fastenal CO (vendor ID 0000026648)
Fisher Scientific (vendor ID 0000023316)
GOVConnection (vendor ID 0000123952)
Graybar Electric (vendor ID 0000010145)
Henry Schein (vendor ID 0000000789)
HP Products (vendor ID 0000020456)
HT Hackney (vendor ID 0000213145)
Life Technologies (vendor ID 0000027632)
McKesson Medical Surgical (vendor 0000028244)
McMaster-Carr (vendor 0000030498)
MWI Veterinary Supply Company (vendor ID 00000165174)
OfficeMax (vendor ID 0000080153)
Owens & Minor (vendor ID 0000016842)
Premier Produce One (vendor ID 0000580886)
Progress Supply (vendor ID 0000018647)
Sigma Aldrich (vendor ID 0000024549)
Staples Advantage (vendor ID 0000399041)
US Foodservice Cincinnati (vendor ID 0000146345)
VWR International (vendor ID 0000014603)
Worly Plumbing (vendor ID 0000003824)

June 19, 2017
CDWG and Dell Computer Standard Configurations

Dell computer standard configurations are back on the CDWG Supplier website along with standard configurations from HP and Lenovo.

Contact the eStores team at 614-292-2694 or with questions.

Supplier Clara Brown (CIBI) No Longer Accepting Orders

Purchasing has received notice that supplier Clara Brown (CIBI) will start a period of transition to close operations, and will no longer be accepting orders effective Tuesday, June 13.

To enable this phase-out, CIBI will no longer process any new purchase orders. Both CIBI MyQuote and Supplier Website in eStores have been removed; the vendor record has been marked Not Open for Ordering. This process will allow payment of invoices against open purchase orders.

The Contract Book for Furniture, Flooring and Humanscale reflect this removal of CIBI as a preferred supplier. This article is repeated on the Purchasing Site.

June 5, 2017
Viewing EDI Voucher Info in PeopleSoft Procurement Inquiry

This article shares a brief EDI Voucher Research Guide to help when searching for an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) voucher that is posted against a Purchase Order (PO). A Sample EDI Voucher is available from this link. If you have any questions, contact the AP customer service team or call 614-292-6831.

May 24, 2017
Reminder Regarding Split Funding for eStores Orders

This is a reminder to use extra caution when attempting to split funding for eStores orders.Split funding should be entered on requests before orders to external eStores suppliers are pushed into eStores.

Central Office of Sponsored Programs buyers enter all cost sharing requisitions and purchase orders.

Also, multiple distributions CANNOT be used when entering the following types of requisitions or purchase orders:
1. Blanket Orders
2. Stores (Inventory orders)
3. Office of Sponsored Programs requisitions or purchase orders

Not following the guidelines can result in unintended duplicate orders being sent to each organization.
For additional guidance, revisit ASSIST online help or contact your category buyer.

MAY 8, 2017

Previously, Ohio State Central Receiving held a Terminal Distribution of Dangerous Drugs (TDDD) license from the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy. This certification allowed the acquisition of controlled products. As a result of recent changes in requirements, Central Receiving no longer carries a TDDD license.

Going forward, principal investigators, lab managers and/or departments need to work with the Ohio State University Office of Research Compliance in order to obtain a TDDD license or work with a licensed department or pharmacy, in effort to obtain controlled products.

Some catalogs in eStores include products that require the initiator to hold a TDDD license. Suppliers will withhold shipment of items that require this license if the initiator does not have an active license on file with the supplier. Suppliers will contact end users directly for this information.

Periodic updates will occur as new information is received.


It is now required that eStores suppliers with web-based punch-out catalogs, map the header comments section of our purchase orders. This means that they are searching that field for data in a standard format, just as they do with "ship-to" and "location" fields.

The purpose of this change is to allow the supplier to pick up the PR#, end user name and email information that is automatically imported into the header comments field as the eRequest is pushed to PeopleSoft.

If any other comments are manually entered into Header Comments before the standard eRequest comments, the supplier will be unable to pick up end user information for that order. Package labels and packing slips will not include the end user information in this case.

The eStores Team requests that Service Center staff only add manual comments after the eRequest comments, as shown in the example below. Please contact Christine Cihon at 614-688-8285 or with any questions you have about this change.

PR#: 1234567
Contact Name: Cihon, Christine Mary
Contact Email:
Manual comments should begin on this line

April 11, 2017
B&H Photo is closed and will remain closed through Tuesday, April, 18th in observance of Passover. B&H Photo will reopen on Wednesday, April, 19th.

April 10, 2017

Several new maintenance supplier eStores catalogs and supplier websites are available. See list below.

Existing maintenance supply catalogs from Applied Industrial, Fastenal, Graybar, Pipe Valves, Progress Supply and Worly Plumbing were removed from eStores at the close of business on Friday, April 7.

All pending eRequests from these catalogs can be approved and pushed to PeopleSoft without error through the close of business on Friday, April 21.

New Maintenance Supplier Catalogs:

American Air Filter and Ketchum & Walton – Air Filters
Loeb Electric – Electrical and lighting
Peterson Thermal – Pumps

New Maintenance Supplier Websites:

Ferguson – Steam and Plumbing.

Ferguson has provided a quick video highlighting the navigation and functionality of their new punch-out platform, available via this YouTube link.

Grainger– Shop supplies, Electrical and lighting, Plumbing, Belts, Power Transmission and HVAC.
Johnstone Supply – Power Transmission, Pumps, and HVAC. Supplier website coming soon!

Ferguson and Grainger user guides:

Both Ferguson and Grainger have provided user guides for easier navigation while searching their punch-out sites. You may find their guides on our eStores website under User Guides or by clicking the links below.

Ferguson user guide link (.pdf file)
Grainger user guild link (.pptx file)

March 1, 2017

Silco - Fire Suppression Systems Repair and Maintenance
Johnson Controls - has added a second catalog for Variable Frequency Drives (Purchase and Installation)

January 24, 2017
Regional Campuses Update: WOOSTER and ATI eStores Marketplace Role Changes – FAES Service Center

Please contact Jesse Buxton to request eStores Marketplace role changes for the Wooster Regional (OARDC and ATI) campuses or the statewide OSU Extension offices.

Jesse Buxton
FAES Finance Service Center
1680 Madison Ave
Wooster, OH 44691
(330) 202-3558

All our other Regional campuses (Lima, Marion, Mansfield and Newark) please continue to contact Christine Cihon.

January 23, 2017
Per the original notification affecting the Affymetrix catalog posted December 19, 2016, eStores removed the Affymetrix catalog.

Direct orders for the following life sciences products will be sold and processed by Life Technologies (ThermoFisher Scientific):

Affymetrix – microarray solutions
USB – molecular biology reagents
eBioscience – immunology antibodies, reagents and assays

Nalco's hosted catalog has also been removed from eStores.

December 19, 2016

There are changes to the order process for Affymetrix, USB and eBioscience

Effective Monday, January 23, 2017, direct orders for the following life sciences products will be sold and processed by Life Technologies (ThermoFisher Scientific):

Affymetrix – microarray solutions
USB – molecular biology reagents
eBioscience – immunology antibodies, reagents and assays

Dako merges into Agilent Technologies
Effective this past November 1, Dako merged with Agilent and the new vendor name is Agilent Technologies, Inc. The Dako catalog has been removed and the supplier is currently adding Dako items to the Agilent Technologies, Inc. hosted catalog.

Visit our Archive link for past updates/news by clicking the link below.
eStores Suppliers
Supplier Websites:
American Solutions for Business (Direct)
Bio-Rad Laboratories
B&H Photo, Video & Pro Audio
Complete Book & Media Supply
Continental Office
Connection (Formerly GovConnection Inc)
Henry Schein Inc
Insight Public Sector
Integrated Workspace Solutions LLC
Johnstone Supply
McKesson Medical Surgical
NAPA Auto Parts
OSU Stores Department
Owens & Minor Inc
Patterson Dental Co
Qiagen Inc
Roche Diagnostics
School Specialty Inc
VWR Intl

Punch Out Sites Capable of eQuote Downloads:
American Solutions for Business (Quote)
CDW Government Inc
Continental Office
Dell Computer Corp
Dupler Office
Express Promotions
Fisher Scientific
G&G Outfitters Inc
Golden Star Promotions
Hewlett-Packard Co
Idegy Inc
King Business Interiors
Life Technologies
Loth Inc
Lowe's Home Improvement (Coming Soon)
Netech Corp
Outreach Promotional Solutions
Proforma TCL Inc
Shumsky Promotional
Smile Promotions
The Branding Society (Formerly Sunshine Promotions)

My Quote:
Accelerated Moving & Storage
Accent Drapery Co Inc
Act 1 Videotape Production
Agilent Technologies
Andrews Moving & Storage
Bartha Audio Visual
Beckman Coulter
BrainStorm Media
CentraComm Communications LLC
Classic Commercial Services (Formerly True Clean)
Continental Office Commercial Flooring
Corrigan Moving Systems
D&D Commercial Cleaning
EE Ward Moving & Storage Co LLC (MBE)
Fisher Scientific
Fortner Upholstering Inc
Grass Groomers
Herlihy Moving & Storage Inc
Hewlett Packard
Hunt Optics & Imaging, Inc. (formally B&B Microscopes Ltd)
InLine Productions
Jack Maxton Chevrolet
King Business Interiors
Live Technologies
Martin Mat Rental
McCullough Tree Service
Microfridge (Intirion Corp)
Mills James Productions
Nikon Instruments
Ohio Valley
Orkin LLC
O'Reilly Office
Precision Industrial Services
Pro Flow Plumbing and Drain
Quinton Chandler Advertising, LTD
Radiant Technology
Rentokil (Formally JC Ehrlich)
Ricart Ford
Roto Rooter
RSFI Office Furniture
Shared Vision Communications
Snow White Dry Cleaners (formerly Eastside Dry Cleaners)
Sound Com Systems
Space Junk Media
Spectra Contract Flooring
Standard Textile
Steris Corporation
Sunbelt Rentals
Supergames & Adventure Education Center
The Remi Group
Thomas Door
Tower Industries
Univ Sleep Products Inc

Hosted Catalogs:
A Plus Staffing Solutions LLC. (Formerly All Team Staffing)
AAble Rents
Abcam Inc
ABCO Fire Protection Inc.
Adriatico’s Pizza
Advanced Turf Solutions Inc.
Agilent Technologies Inc.
Air Force One
AK Painting
All In Bloom
All Occasions Catering Equipment
American Air Filter
Apex Systems
Aramark Refreshment Services
Asian Concepts (Mark Pi's)
Au Bon Pain Co Inc
AVI Food Systems Inc
BBJ Rentals
B&C Communications
Ballreich's Potato Chips & Snacks
Beckman Coulter
Berwick Party House Inc
Black Diamond Casino Games
Brocon Construction
Brown Enterprise Solutions
Bruner Corp
Cameron Mitchell Restaurants LLC
Capital City Electric LLC
Capital Plumbing & Mechanical Inc
Capoziellos Catering
Careworks Technologies
Catering by Design
Central Ohio Medical Textiles (COMTEX)
Cheryl & Co
City Barbeque Inc
Cold Stone Creamery
Columbus Window Cleaning Company
Connie Duglin Specialty Linen
Convergint Technologies
County Fire Protection
Creative Cuisine
Crop Production Services
Cummins Bridgeway LLC
Dawson Resources
Dayton Industrial
DeBra Kuempel
Direct Air Systems Inc
Direct Resource Inc
Diversity Search Group
Donatos Pizza Catering
Double Eight Fire Protection
Eagle Electrical Services
Economy Linen & Towel Service
Elford Inc
Elite Fire Protection
Event Source
Ferguson Construction Co
Fujitec America
Fusion Technologies (Formerly Quick Solutions)
Globe Window Cleaning Inc
Hayden Valley Foods
Henry Schein Animal Health
Herc Rentals (Formally Hertz Equipment Rental)
Heska Corp
Hina Environmental Solutions
Huron Consulting
Impressed Dry Cleaning
Insight Global
Integrated Protection Services (IPS)
Interior Supply Inc
J&J Painting
Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream
Johnson Controls Inc
Johnson Controls Inc (Variable Frequency Drives - Purchase and Installation)
Jones Lumber Co
Keep It Clean
Kendrick Mollenauer Painting
Ketchum & Walton Co
Lasting Impressions
Lepi Enterprises Inc
Levy Premium Foodservice
LGC Associates
Lombardi Water Management Inc
Lowe's Home Improvement Ctr
Lusk Group
M White Dental
Made From Scratch
Magnetic Springs
Martin Painting & Coating Co.
Marsha's Homemade Buckeyes
Metro Cuisine
Metropolitan Environmental Services Inc
Midwest Elevator
MWI Veterinary Supply Co
Navigator Management Partners
Nesco Resource
Ohio CAT
Ohio Electric Services
Ohio Heating & Refrigeration
O’Neil Tents & Party Supplies
Panera Bread
PDS Systems
Peterson Lawn Care & Landscape Maintenance
Peterson Thermal Equipment Co
Pizza Rustica
Porta Kleen
Posh Events
PPG Architectural Finishes
Premier Dental Products
Premier General Construction LLC
Pro-Flow Plumbing & Drain Cleaning
ProTeam Solutions Inc.
Questar Inc (Contains Dayton Industrial Drum Catalog)
Real Zeal
Rhoads Construction Inc
Roberts Service Group Inc
Roger Elliott Co
Roto Rooter Services Company
Sandel Corp
Sauer Technical Services
Service Extraordinaire Inc.
Sherwin-Williams Co
Shital Sub (Subway Catering)
Siemens Industry
Simplex Grinnell LP
Smith & Wollensky
Snow White Cleaners
Solutions Staffing
Sophisticated Systems Inc.
SPS Medical Supply Corp
States Electric Co Inc
Steven’s Catering
T-rriffic Table Linens
Taylor & Sons Equipment Company
Teemok Construction Inc
Top Consulting
TP Mechanical Contractors Inc
Trane Columbus
Two Caterers Inc
University Flower Shop
Waters Corp
Wiser Transformations
WW Williams Midwest Inc
Z Cucina
Zimmer Biomet (Formerly Zimmer Dental)