Doing Business with Stores

Access to specialized reports may be key to your department. eReports Portal (Brio) is the University’s reporting tool designed to work compatibly with the Financials System. If you do not already have access to eReports, simply notify

The following report is available for your use in the eReports Portal:
Inventory Billing Report - INB100DW
The Inventory Billing Reports group assists in reconciliation of inventory transactions to the GL and verifying billing information for a specified area within a business unit.
See the eReports Assist Page (Financials eReporting) for assistance in running your Stores Inventory Billing report.
Gas Cylinder Report
The Gas Cylinder Report allows the customer the opportunity to monitor monthly billing for cylinders being charged to their department.
Outstanding Cylinder Report
The Outstanding Cylinder Report aids in reconciliation of any outstanding cylinders in your department’s possession.